Senior Nationals

 Snr Nationals 2022
River Rockers Wanganui

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2023 Snr nats will be  Hosted by City of sails



New Zealand Amateur Rock’n’Roll

Association Inc.






Guidelines & Information for Club Team Managers 2015


  1. The Team Manager is responsible for his/her whole club, competitors and spectators alike and should know the rules of the competition, making sure that the competitors are also aware of the rules and how they affect them.

  2.  Alcohol is permitted at the evening sessions only, and must be purchased in the venue – NO BYO. The Bar operating times will be 6.30 – 10.30pm on Friday night, 6.30 to 11pm on Saturday and Sunday. Those under 18 years of age must not be drinking alcohol at all.



  1. Venue restrictions mean there are to be no spike/high heels at all times, this includes everyone attending. For competitors, including Sunday’s Best Dressed Female parades, shoes with heels should have heels no higher than 20mm measured at the instep and for female’s shoes, the heel to be no higher that 25mm measured at the back of the shoe.   The heel prints must have a minimum measurement of 40mm x 40mm. (2007 AGM).

  2. You should ensure that your competitors are not contravening the dress code well before the first heat of their section takes the floor. If something is picked up at Marshalling you will have very limited time to correct it.



  1. The Floor Manager/s and the Head Judge monitor the dress code in a marshalling area prior to the optional Best Dressed competition. The competitors shall wear what they are to compete in except jackets, boleros, shawls, capes, neck scarves and ties, collar tips and jewellery, which may be removed for dancing.  All other attire must be the same.  Be aware that some items, e.g. hats and gloves, cannot be removed before dancing, we recommend your competitors do not wear them in the Best Dressed parades.  Any alteration brought to the Floor Managers' attention could result in disqualification and the competitors will not proceed through to the next round should they attain sufficient points.

  2. A medical certificate is required for any dancer needing a wrist bandage, any medication or water other than inhalers, whilst on the competition floor. (2014 AGM)


  1. The Judges will be called to the Marshalling area for a quick, close up viewing of the costumes before the Best Dressed parades.  Please tell your competitors that this will happen.


  1. The Judges are out of bounds to competitors and club members.   Club members/supporters must never abuse the Judges, their decisions or where they wish to stand to view the competitions.  Offenders will be removed from the venue.



  1. Dance offs are always a possibility and all competitors should remain in the hall at the end of the heats, semi finals and finals to make certain that a dance-off is not going to affect them. Dance offs will be held as soon as practicable and as the programme allows.


  1. With couples sections that have five or fewer competitors entered, it is possible that there will be one semi-final. If there are 5 competitors, then 4 will be called to the final, unless the points are tied, then all will go through to the final.



  1. Judges will be invited to take their positions around the floor during the warm up songs.



  1. All competitors are to take their position on the floor immediately and refrain from pleasantries and wishing their fellow competitors good luck on the floor etc as it will be stated:
    "Judges are ready, competitors your first song is...."


  1. Please ensure competitors are aware that they must stay where they are on the dance floor until the runners enter the floor to collect the judges’ sheets, and must not leave the floor until they are instructed by the MC.



  1. Supporters should not enter the competition floor until the runners have completed their rounds and returned to the stage area. Tunnels are fine, but supporters must leave the floor promptly and take any debris with them.

  2. The programme allows for a little more time than needed for heats, semi-finals & finals to allow for the possibility of dance-offs etc.  The programme may run ahead of time and the competitors must always be ready.  Where possible any extra time gained will be used for general dancing breaks, but it could also be used to extend the tea breaks on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

  3. Presentations. Please ensure all your finalists, Best Dressed and Dancing, are ready at the time stated in the programme (Jacket, tie, bolero etc) and listen for instructions from the MC.

Finalists for the dancing sections only will be called to the front of the stage area and will be called to the podium from there.


Best dressed medals will be awarded and then the dancing medals for each section. Please have your finalists ready.


Best Dressed finalists, Senior Teams, Top Club Teams and Novelty Teams will not be marshalled, but must be ready to be called in the event of being placed.

Note that the dancing presentations in the couples sections will be called 4th to 1st. Where there are more than 4 in a final, medals will be awarded to finalists not placed before the placings are announced. (AGM 2012)


If needed a little time will be allowed on Sunday  for costume changes between presentations for each section.



  1. Clubs are responsible for the proper care and return of National Championship Trophies won.  Please ensure any winners in your club look after the trophies and treat them with the respect they deserve. The cost of repair or replacement of damaged trophies will be billed back to your club



  1. In the envelope provided at the meeting on Friday you should find:

    1. A cloth number for the back of each competitor

    2. A paper number to be carried during the best dressed heats and finals

    3. A certificate for each dancing competitor

    4. One certificate for each Club with a Novelty entry

    5. A paper number for each Senior Team and Top Club entry


Note: Where there are split club entries, the paper number will be in a female partners club pack. 

The cloth number must be attached to the back of the outermost layer to be worn while dancing, be it jacket or waistcoat or shirt, for the male and the rear of the female jacket or dress/skirt. 

The paper number is to be carried in the best dressed parade heats and finals, facing the centre/Judges to make it easier for them to be seen.

When the competitors have completed their part in competition the Team Manager must collect the numbers and return them to the floor managers after the presentations or when asked by the DJ/MC.  A small suitcase or box will be on or near the stage and numbers can be placed in there. The small Sunday Best Dressed numbers are to be returned also.
Failure to return a cloth number will result in an invoice for $35.00 for each number lost.



  1. Any scratchings, or alterations to the Top Team or the Novelty, can be made at the Team Manager’s meeting or to the Association secretary if known earlier. Certificates, competitor’s badges and/or gifts that the host club have provided are to be returned.



  1. Any club wishing to order copies of the Judges/Scrutineers sheets should order and pay the Treasurer for these at the close of the team managers meeting.  The cost is $60.00 for full sets. Scrutineer’s sheets will be available on the website for downloading.

  2. Please listen to instructions on Sunday regarding Novelty CD’s, tapes & props.


     22.  Competitors wristbands (tickets) will be exchanged for COMPETITORS PASSES at the Team  Managers meeting on Friday.

Managers need only bring the wristband(s) for the day or days when a dancer is competing ie; if a competitor is only dancing on Saturday then they retain their FRIDAY and SUNDAY wristbands, but their SATURDAY wristband is exchanged for a COMPETITORS PASS. If  DANCING both days they will need two passes. For Sunday's Best Dressed Male and Female, everyone who is entering that should just show their band at the door and put on wrist after the event.



We would like to wish the competitors the very best for a successful and enjoyable weekend. 


Thank you.




Jan Morgan