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OUR Philosophy

To encourage and promote the enjoyment of rock n roll and dance and to promote a high standard of team work and friendship in all phases of club activities.

Throughout the year we regularly hold lessons for both members and non-members. These are held for seniors from 7-8pm on a Tuesday night at a cost of $6 per lesson. Attending beginner lessons is essential to learn the basics of rock 'n' roll dancing, but after that there are Advanced Beginner, and Intermediate lessons where you can extend your knowledge of moves, floor work, co-ordination, and energy levels!

You can also choose to stay for our Club Nights which are un­structured and sociable and run from 8-9pm every Tuesday night. More experienced members are present at club nights and are there to help, just ask! Look out for people wearing our club uniforms.

For information about lesson dates click below or see any Committee Member.


Coming along to a club night is a casual occasion. Comfortable clothing that is easy to move around in is a good idea, and our only stipulation is that high heeled shoes are not allowed. These cause damage to the floor and can be very dangerous to wear when doing rock 'n' roll. Flat soled shoes only please.

When entering competitions dancers must wear formal rock 'n' roll attire, which for ladies includes a full circle skirt (or dress) with petticoat. Please discuss any dress queries with an experienced member.

Drifters has a club uniform made up of our club colours, Red, Gold and Black. It is usually worn when attending large events such as a nationals competition. Members are not expected to purchase any uniform or formal attire, but they may choose to.

For information about clothing or merchandise please speak to the Property Officer.

located in hamilton

Lessons and Club Nights are held at the Vardon School Hall (36 Cunningham Road, Beerescourt) and has been our home for over 30 years!

club history

Drifters Rock 'n' Roll Club was formed in 1989, and in 1993 we became an Incorporated Society. We have grown to around 200 members with ages ranging from 5 to 85 years old, which makes us one of the largest RnR clubs in the north island. We are a non-profit organization that promotes "friendship, fun, and learning to dance".

We are made up of junior members (5-17 years) and senior members (18+ years). Senior members can volunteer to be a part of the committee which runs the club, and / or be part of various sub ­committees which organize specific events. Our committee is elected at our AGM which is held in November.

Each year we hold two major club events: our Birthday Hop in July and our Club Championships in August. Also, our members regularly dance in either the Junior National Championships held each Easter weekend,or the Senior National Championships held each Labour weekend. Drifters is an affiliated and active member club of the New Zealand Amateur Rock 'n' Roll Association Incorporated.

If you choose to become a member you pay a membership fee which entitles you to come to club nights at Drifters and other clubs at a discounted price. Club night entry fees for Drifters members are $3 per club night instead of $6. Membership fees are due on 1st of April each year.

By becoming a member you agree to abide by our rules and constitution. You will be given a copy of the rules when you join and may request a copy of the constitution at any time.

Drifters puts out a newsletter 3-4 times a year which is distributed to members only as well as other regional clubs. All members are encouraged to write a story about any events they have been to for inclusion in the newsletter. The newsletter also includes committee contact details, a list of up-coming events, and anything information that the committee needs to notify the members of.

For information about membership please speak to the Membership Officer or you can compete our Online Membership Form: 


a member

club rules

We have club rules that help guide members and members of the committee in multiple things, including the benefits of being a Drifters Member, what is expected of a Drifters member and National Competition guidance. 

Click here to read our rules.

A copy of the Drifters Rock N Roll Club's Constitution can be found here.

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